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"Prepare for Landing"

What goes through your mind as you prepare for a transition in life?

Lately I’ve been feeling the upcoming transition of moving abroad and the preparation stage before it actually happens. This blog post is going to be more relating as a friend kind of level than a “how to” or helpful tips. I’m pretty confident that you’ll be able to relate with me on this topic of life transitions.

“Flight attendants, prepare for landing.”

I’ve heard this over the loudspeaker on airplanes hundreds of times as the pilot alerts the crew members as well as the passengers to prepare for landing and the last bit of the flight.

What comes next after the pilot’s announcement feels relatable right now to me with my season of life as I prepare to move abroad.

I've learned over years of traveling that sometimes this message from the pilot can mean there's 10 minutes left of the flight and other times what I expected to be 10 minutes turns into more like 30 to 40 minutes or longer.

There’s this period of time where it is unknown how much longer the flight actually has. Sometimes you’ll be stuck in the clouds only to breakthrough and land within minutes…where as other times you could be circling above the city of your destination with the airport even in sight but only to continue circling for an hour waiting to land.

I’ve always viewed God has my “pilot” so to speak and find it relatable to the analogy of a pilot of the plane giving the signal to prepare for landing. For me right now, I feel like the pilot’s signal has been given to “prepare for landing” in relation to me moving abroad. This dream of mine to relocate to a new country has been my desire since I was a young girl. Personally, I believe God has been preparing me for this move long before I even realized it. However, I’m still in the clouds not sure of how much longer this flight of waiting and transitioning abroad has left. All I know is to listen to my pilot’s signal, start preparing, and be ready for when the time comes.

Honestly, this relates to all of our life transitions whether it’s moving abroad, relocating, changing jobs, getting married, retiring, etc. There’s a time to prepare for landing and what comes next.

My thoughts tend to go towards what I’m currently doing when the pilot says “prepare for landing.” Usually, I think about if I need to wrap anything up on the flight like finishing the chapter of a book I’m reading, skipping ahead to see the ending of a movie, or begin to wrap up the conversation I’m having with the person next to me.

After those thoughts I typically think about what needs to happen immediately getting off the plane. Do I need to check the screens to find my next connecting flight, grab my bag and meet whomever is picking me up, find the shuttle or rental car, etc?

This is so true for the practical preparation of getting ready for “landing” or what’s coming next. What are some of the practical and logistical things I need to have in order and prepared in advance?

While those are very important pieces of getting ready for the next transition or change in life, lately I’ve been thinking about people.

Who are the people that are on the plane with me right now that who have been with me during this season of life?

Who are the people that won’t be joining with me on the next connecting flight or arriving at the final destination?

Who are the people I’ll be meeting up with at my final destination?

Are there people on the flight that will be staying with me during the rest of the travels or even the final destination?

Symbolically I look around at the people “on the flight with me” in my current season of life right now and there’s an ache for the ones that I know won’t be joining me on the upcoming move overseas. So as I soak in the last bit of the “flight” after hearing the pilot say “prepare for landing,” I cherish the time we have together in person and want to make the very most of it.

Do you ever feel that way too that you ache for the community/family/friends that are part of your current season but you know won’t be there the next season like moving or relocating abroad?

I’m with you in that and sometimes that’s the small piece of encouragement we each need is another person to say, “hey, I get it and I’m with you in that.”

Life transitions and moving across the ocean are exciting things but there are some hardships that come with it like goodbyes and see you laters.

So all this to say, I want to cherish the time I have left “on the flight” as the pilot has given the signal to prepare for landing and what comes next as I prepare to move abroad.

That’s all for now but maybe you’re reading this and can relate. I’d love to hear from you and encourage each other! You can email me at or DM through Instagram @olivebranch_coaching

I look forward to hearing for you!



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