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Speaking & Group Facilitating

3 Topics:

Camel and Pyramids

Speaking and facilitating will be customized to your specific desires within your cross-cultural experience whether you are moving abroad, coming back to what you consider home or have in the past, going on a short-term trip overseas, or encountering cross-cultural interactions at work or in your community.

Areas to focus on:

  • Short-term: preparing well before your trip/experience, processing awareness during the heart your transition, and how to integrate this new experience into your daily life while not allowing it to fade away amidst routine​​

  • Longer-term: exploring your desire and motivation to integrate into your new culture, learning more about the cultural differences and how to incorporate this learning, processing the stages of culture shock and/or reverse-culture shock (Honeymoon, Distress, Adjustment, Adaptation, and Re-Entry), and finally reviewing and setting goals to improve 

Cross-cultural Debrief

The Elephant Matriarch:

Female Leadership

Speaking or group facilitating events with the focus on women leading others.

We will look at the life and leadership of the elephant matriarch who leads her herd and how we can learn from her approach.


Share Your Story

Impact Others

You have a story that people NEED to hear.

You can create impact that will last for generations to come simply by sharing the story and experience you have already!

I've created this topic with two groups and audiences in mind.

In Bremen

1. This is a great topic for those who want to focus on communicating their experiences from serving internationally.

We will learn who you are passionate about sharing with, which stories will impact and relate to them, and HOW to practically put this into action.

Family Visit

2. I have a HUGE heart for our lovely senior citizens and fully believe they have stories that younger generations NEED to be hearing and learning from.

I focus on helping them to do the same as the first group- know WHO to share with, which part of their story and how to communicate their message well, and do this in a way that is impactful/practical/easy.

Speaking Events & Group Facilitation

The logistics of all speaking and facilitating events are unique to each client and dependent on group size, location, and specific client goals/ desired outcomes.

I'd LOVE to talk with you and hear how I can BEST serve you and your group members either through speaking or group facilitating.

Book a discovery call with me and let's talk about what you dream of for you group!

Book a Discovery Call

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