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You're here because...

You were serving others abroad and now find yourself transitioning back home or a new location.

You still want to serve and impact others but are finding it challenging as you navigate reverse-culture shock, plan out your next steps, communicate what you experienced abroad, get connected locally, process and integrate your international stories, and thrive during all of this.

you want to thrive as you return home and get clarity on your next steps!


And I’m here to tell you that it is possible to do all of those things at the same time and thrive doing it!

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Right now you could be thriving more after your international service…

You want to clearly communicate your stories from being abroad in a way that captures people and helps them understand your experience...yet you want to honor and respect the culture and people you were just with abroad

Gaining clarity and planning out your next steps can be overwhelming or discouraging as you navigate culture shock

You have no clue how to continue processing your international experience and how to integrate your personal growth into your daily life

You deeply desire to continue serving and making an impact in the community you're living matter where that is geographically


Embracing the place and people around you and knowing how you can still grow into the person you were created to be

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You're ready...
to thrive as you return home and get clear on your next steps

And the right support can help you get there!


Are we a good fit?

You know that you have stories to share from serving abroad, you’ve heard that reverse-culture shock is no joke and challenging, and you’re trying to find your place and role where you are now and how all of your experiences fit together.


You’re committed, serving, adventurous, and ready to navigate the challenges of reverse-culture shock.

But sometimes you buy into the lies that you it’s too much or something must be wrong with you.

Sometimes you try to talk yourself into believing that it’s not that difficult or you shouldn’t be having a hard time being home again.

You may be tempted to think and live from a mindset that things will get easier with time so why invest into thriving when surviving is getting you by.


Today is the perfect day to stop making excuses...

My Clients Have Been Able to:

Gain clarity and direction for their next steps

Communicate stories and experiences from their international service

Take actionable steps to accomplish their long-term goals

Understand what will help them personally thrive during reverse-culture shock and not just survive


Feel empowered and settled about the next steps they need to take in order to fulfill who they were created to be


Get clear about how to connect their time abroad to their current season of life

I have three options for my Debrief Coaching programs that can help you get those results and more:

Looking at the View

You can learn what's included in each program by following the link to their pages!

Here's what one of my clients has to say about our coaching...

Michelle has helped me in processing my time spent overseas. She takes time to listen to what I have to say and helps me sort through my thoughts. She has given me practical steps to put into action the things that I have learned.


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