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6-Month Debrief Program








Return home well and continue making a lasting impact as you debrief your time serving abroad.

  • Grow your communication skills to be able to share with others the things that matter most to you and stories from abroad

  • Get a clear understanding of who you have become as a result of serving abroad

  • Gain clarity and direction for your next steps​

  • How to personalize daily routines and mindset habits to help create lasting change and impact

  • Develop strategies to help you feel empowered and settled about the next steps you need to take to fulfill who you were created to be

  • Envision where you want to be in years to come as well as right now and how to bridge the gap between the two

  • Create a timeline review to process your time abroad, current season of life, and how they and fit together

  • Explore opportunities to serving where you are located now

Together, we'll do a combination of these to best fit your desired outcomes...

Here's what is included:

✔ 6 months of coaching with 10 sessions

✔ pre-coaching assessment to help customize all of our sessions for you specifically

✔ 1st session is 1.5 hours long to set our foundation for the remaining sessions

✔ access to my help and insight by email between our sessions

document downloads made easy for you to type in and personalize the work we do together

examples: timeline creations, leader's roadmap, expectations journal prompts for re-entry, checklists to keep track of your accomplishments and progress from our coaching sessions, and more!

topics of your choosing (communicating your stories from serving abroad, how to take action and serve locally, wheel of reverse-culture shock...and more) to personalize our coaching sessions and best serve you

✔ each session YOU hold the decision and final say for the focus of our time together to ensure that you gain the outcomes you're craving most

What's the difference between
Clarity and Impact?
The two programs, Clarity and Impact are very similar and focus on the same foundational work during our coaching sessions.
Clarity is specific to the here and now debriefing with a little bit of time also committed to lasting change and impact with envisioning for the future.
Impact also has those components in the program but in ADDITION it gives you so much more time to
create sustainable and long-lasting personal growth and change that you will integrate and establish habits for years to come
set goals, test them out, assess, adjust, and find that sweet spot that fits you BEST
work through reverse-culture shock and continue to make the next steps that will lead you to the place you long to be at years from now


$1,150 USD
2 payments of $615 USD

What are you willing to invest in?
Is a two week trip to a new country worth $1,000 to you? What about a once in a lifetime experience across the globe?

Think about coaching in that perspective.
What do you want to invest in that will last not just a week or a short experience? Coaching and debriefing your experience is a powerful tool that you can gain and put into practice for the rest of your life!

Here's what my clients are saying...

Working with Michelle has been a true joy. Her professionalism and commitment to her clients is evident in each interaction. She takes the time to get to know her clients, analyze and listen to their needs, and provides individualized and tailored services. I would highly recommend Michelle as a life coach.


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