How to Clearly Communicate Your International Experiences in 5 Easy Steps

I help empower service-minded women to lead and impact their communities using their experience from serving abroad.


I have the joy of doing this through leadership coaching! I'm a certified coach through the ICF as well as a CPCC- Certified Professional Co-Active Coach!

I've personally experienced and found that returning home, navigating reverse-culture shock, and integrating your experiences from being abroad is really hard to do on your own.


I believe every woman needs support so they can continue serving their community and making a big impact wherever they are located!

Hi Friend,

I'm Michelle

You're here because you want to...

continue making a BIG impact

integrate your international experiences into lasting change and growth

lead and make a difference in the people around you

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Olive Branch Coaching and Consulting is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our clients are all around the world and connect through video calls or in person based out of Minneapolis with the agreement of coach and client.

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