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How to Share Your International Experiences in 5 Easy Steps

Hi Friend,


I'm Michelle

I have the joy of doing this through debrief coaching! I'm a certified coach through the ICF as well as a CPCC- Certified Professional Co-Active Coach!

I help service-minded women who are returning home or relocating after serving abroad.

I've personally experienced and found that returning home, navigating reverse-culture shock, and integrating your experiences from being abroad is really hard to do on your own.

I believe every woman needs support so they can continue serving their community, making a big impact wherever they are located, and finding the next steps to become who they want to be years from now!

You're here because you want to...

find clarity and direction for your next steps

integrate your international experiences into lasting change and growth

navigate reverse-culture shock well

How I Can Help You

 Debrief Coaching 

a self-paced and guided package with one coaching session

 Speaking Facilitating 

 FREE Roadmap

Who are my clients?

"I just want to process with someone who understands and knows what I'm struggling with."

"I wish I had clarity for my next step."

"I don't know what to do now that I'm home."

"I have no idea how to respond when someone asks me how my trip was... how do you summarize 3 years living abroad?"

These are just a few of the common phrases I hear from clients at the beginning of our time coaching together.

I'm passionate about serving and coaching these women because I can relate to them on a deeper level of understanding. I struggled with those three areas each time after returning home from international service whether is was a two week trip or even living abroad for months.

I've realized this- having a heart for serving others locally and globally is such a beautiful thing BUT often times the people who are continually serving and putting others first need support.

It's my desire to help my clients after they have been serving abroad so they can continue making a big impact wherever they are living!

I coach women -typically in their 20's and 30's- who are returning home or relocating after serving abroad.

While coaching together we work on:

navigating reverse culture shock
getting clarity and finding direction for what comes next
communicating your international experiences in a way that creates lasting impact
and so much more!

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