Life Coaching 

For those experiencing transition:

  • graduating or beginning school

  • retirement

  • change of parenting role

  • new career direction

  • job or role change

  • relocation or moving

  • something else new or the desire for change

​Transition, whether is it forced or happily initiated, brings about change and often times gives the opportunity to re-evaluate and shift our priorities and perspective. 


Clients have found timeline creations helpful to process the recent past and starting point, bring realization and awareness to the present, and dream while setting goals for the future. While coaching together, we can also discover your values that drive and motivate your decisions and dreams, unpack your life purpose, and enhance your self-awareness during transitions to grow your personal development. 


Individual Coaching

Young Women Brainstorming

Group Coaching

Our coaching will be customized to accomplish your desired outcomes for you as an individual or for your group.

Ideally, we will start coaching before your transition begins and continue as you integrate into your new normal.