Culture Coaching

Together, our coaching can be customized to your specific desires within your cross-cultural experience whether you are moving abroad, coming back to what you consider home or have in the past, going on a short-term trip overseas, or encountering cross-cultural interactions in a different capacity.

Ideally, we will work together before you begin your transition and continue as you integrate into the new.

Options for coaching include:

  • Short-term: preparing well before your trip/experience, processing awareness during the heart your transition, and how to integrate this new experience into your daily life while not allowing it to fade away amidst routine​​

  • Longer-term: exploring your desire and motivation to integrate into your new culture, learning more about the cultural differences and how to incorporate this learning, processing the stages of culture shock and/or reverse-culture shock (Honeymoon, Distress, Adjustment, Adaptation, and Re-Entry), and finally reviewing and setting goals to improve 

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

Together for individuals, a team, family, colleagues, or friends we will customize your desired outcomes during our coaching and the way to best service you or your group.

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Let's connect!

Olive Branch Coaching and Consulting is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our clients are all around the world and connect through video calls or in person based out of Minneapolis with the agreement of coach and client.

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